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Indian Outsourcing: Ready for the Next Level

Fast-rising wages and high staff turnover threatened Bangalore's prosperity. But thorough training, a plunge into RD, and a new surge in ...

China's Fading Appeal for the U.S.

As the recession bites deeper, you'd think U.S. companies would shift more operations to China, where costs have fallen. Instead, Americans ...

Even Mighty Toyota Sputters

Toyota has a high-quality lineup and 40 billion dollars in cash. What it no longer has is a thriving U.S. market. Now it's being forced to ...

Russia, the Ruble, and the Crisis

Since our last podcast on Russia a short while ago, the situation has deteriorated markedly. A market crisis has become an economic crisis ...

Europe's Auto Bailout

Detroit's woes are grabbing the headlines. But Europe's carmakers are seeing 15 sales drops They need help, too. GM's Europe subsidiary has ...

Chavez, Oil, and Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has relied on oil wealth to support his fiery brand of socialism. But oil prices are falling and ...

Obama, the Democrats, and Free Trade

President-elect Barack Obama campaigned on a platform that called for tough stances on trade. His rhetoric matches the views of voters who ...

What's Driving the Yen Up?

In just a few days of trading, the yen strengthened from 103 to the dollar to 93. Traders, fearing other currencies will fall, are flocking ...

The Crisis Goes Global-

Though emerging markets have outperformed the U.S., they are now suffering. One reason Their currencies are sinking, making it hard to ...

Britain and the Financial Crisis

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown pushed equity ownership in banks to tackle Britain's financial crisis. In the process, the solution ...

Russia's Market Meltdown

Russia's stock market is melting down, even more than most others. Are there particular Russian reasons for the sharp fall What's the ...

Who's Got Cash in the Global Economy?

Ten years ago, Asia was where the U.S. is today. Now Asia and other emerging markets are awash in dollars. What will they do with the money