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Ben heck Show

Ben Heck Show

Join master hacker, engineer, and conjurer of cool stuff Ben Heck as he tackles a new project every other week. Submit YOUR idea for what ...

Getting Started with the Beagle Bone Black - The Ben Heck Show

Ben tries out the Beagle Bone Black and shows you what he learns along the way. He shows how to get it set up, three ways to connect to it, ...

Single-Handed Xbox One Controller - The Ben Heck Show

Ben continues his work creating game controllers for people with disabilities and builds a one-handed Xbox One controller. He takes you ...

Ben Heck's Xbox One Teardown - The Ben Heck Show

Join Ben as he takes a look inside the Xbox One. As he takes it apart he shares his console hacking insights and starts planning how he's ...

A Man with a Scan - Ben Hecks 3D Scanner - The Ben Heck Show

Ben takes his use of 3D printers to the next level and tries 3D scanning. He attempts to scan a variety of objects with the Cubify Sense 3D ...

Ben Heck's Holiday Workshop - The Ben Heck Show

Ben gets into the holiday spirit and plays the part of an elf in Santa's workshop. He builds the ultimate toy that he thinks would be a ...

Anti-Pickpocket Wallet - The Ben Heck Show

Ben fulfills a young viewer's birthday wish and builds an anti-pickpocket wallet. Ben starts off with using discreet logic to create a ...

Great Glue Gun Part Two - The Ben Heck Show

Ben continues his work to create the ultimate in hot-glueing technology. He takes the concepts he developed in the previous episode to ...

The Great Glue Gun Part 1 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben rethinks one of his favorite tools - the hot glue gun. After years of putting up with uneven extrusion and leaking glue, Ben takes ...

Time to Meet Your Maker - The Ben Heck Show

Ben talks with tech superstars about their contributions to the maker movement, recent projects, and what they think is cool in the world ...

Ben Builds an accessibility Guitar - Part 2 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben and Rusty continue to create the foot-controlled guitar strumming device they started in the previous episode. They install the servos, ...

Ben Builds an Accessibility Guitar - The Ben Heck Show

Ben works with Team Heck's newest member, Rusty. Plus, Ben enlists the help of a local musician, Tyler, to create an accessibility guitar. ...

Make a Halloween Prank Candy Bowl - Part 2 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben gets back to work on a prank candy bowl for Halloween. He adds speakers for spooky sounds, a proximity sensor, and a microcontroller. ...