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Butterscotchcom helps busy on-the-go people to understand and live the mobile lifestyle, by providing a massive library of free easy to ...

Setting up your HTC HD7

Here, we'll show you how to get started using your HTC HD7 phone. We'll walk you through the Windows Phone 7 setup process and also show ...

Google Maps tips for iPhone

Want to get directions on your iPhone then the Maps app is what you'll need. In this episode we give you some tips on using Google Maps ...

Top 10 paid iPhone apps, pt. 1

While we've discussed free iPhone applications, in this episode we're going to be listing the first five of our top 10 paid-for iPhone ...

Top 10 free iPhone apps, pt. 2

We wrap up our top 10 free iPhone apps list with five more top-notch applications. From making it easier to keep track of your Twitter feed ...

Top 10 free iPhone apps, pt. 1

In this episode we kick off our list of top 10 free iPhone apps in no particular order. Words with Friends, Groupon, Peel, Dropbox and ...

NOOK Color video overview and review

As dedicated e-readers go, the NOOK Color is considerably less dedicated than most. The NOOK Color is capable of displaying books, ...

Five Reasons to Switch to an Android Phone

Starting to grow tired of your old iPhone Thinking you might want to switch to a new Android phone Andy lists his top five reasons for ...

Introducing the HTC HD7

In this episode we'll give you an introduction to the HTC HD7 phone running Windows Phone 7. In this episode we won't talk about the ...

NOOK Color running Honeycomb review

Shoehorning Android 3.0 Honeycomb onto the NOOK Color makes for the best 250 Honeycomb tablet going. It's not without its issues, ...

Using a USB keyboard with your iPad

We'll show you how to plug a USB keyboard into your iPad so you can play your own keyboards in GarageBand. You need a couple of extra ...

Sharing your GarageBand songs

The best thing about making your own music is being able to show it off. In this episode we'll show you how to share GarageBand songs and ...

Turning your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot

There's a way you can turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot by toggling a couple of settings in your System Preferences. This can be helpful ...