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Beverly Hills Cop 2

 Comedy | Action
 R (USA)
 Tony Scott
 Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox, Paul Reiser (Det. Jeffrey Friedman), Brigitte Nielsen (Karla Fry), Allen Garfield, Jürgen Prochnow, Dean Stockwell, Gilbert Gottfried, Gil Hill, Natalie Smith, Chris Rock (Playboy Mansion Valet), Robert Pastorelli
 100 min
Beverly Hills Cop II is a 1987 action-comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and directed by Tony Scott. It is the first sequel in the Beverly Hills Cop series. Murphy returns as Detroit police detective Axel Foley, who returns to Beverly Hills, California to track down a group of international munitions smugglers involved in a series of armed robberies. He reunites with Beverly Hills detectives Billy Rosewood Judge Reinhold and John Taggart John Ashton to stop the gang after their friend, Captain ...

Rap Coalition of America

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Rap Coalition of America - Axel Eddie Murphy makes a thug rap before Rosewood Judge Reinhold knocks him ...

Shooting Gallery

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Shooting Gallery - Axel Eddie Murphy meets Karla Fry Brigitte Nielsen and destroys the virtual shooting gallery.

Dangerous Delivery

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Dangerous Delivery - Axel Eddie Murphy pretends he is delivering an explosive package to finagle himself into ...

Final Confrontation

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Final Confrontation - Axel Eddie Murphy faces off with Dent Jrgen Prochnow and is saved by Taggart John Ashton.

F*** Rambo

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - F Rambo - During the final shootout, Billy Judge Reinhold lives his fantasy of being a tough street cop.

Conning Sidney Bernstein

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Conning Sidney Bernstein - Axel Eddie Murphy tricks Sidney Bernstein Gilbert Gottfried into leaving his office ...

Deep Deep Undercover

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Deep Deep Undercover - Axel Eddie Murphy convinces Inspector Todd Gilbert R. Hill to give him more money for his ...

You Calling Me a Cop?

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - You Calling Me a Cop - Axel Eddie Murphy turns the tables on Carlotta Frank Pesce after he recognizes him from ...

Johnny Wishbone

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Johnny Wishbone - Axel Eddie Murphy cons Lutz Allen Garfield into thinking that he is 8220Johnny Wishbone8221 a ...