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Training A Horse To Smile

11/23/11 Starting to trick train the horse named Bramble a 12 yr old Thoroughbred, intro assessment, training him to smile

World's Smartest Horse Passes Self-Awareness Test

11/07/11 Lukas, the World's Smartest Horse according to the World Records Academy and Guinness World Record Holder 'Most ...

The Smile Must Go On!

Hilarious Sleepy Lukas

Karen & Lukas Have a Book!

02/01/11 Lukas is a Guinness World Record Holder Most numbers identified by a horse in one 19 and the World's Smartest Horse ...

Lukas on Time Warner

01/27/11 Lukas in the spotlight - Time Warner CNN Headline News and best friend Karen shares some fun info.

The Most Unique Book About Horse Training

01/25/11 Lukas is considered one of the top liberty horses in the country Karen doesn't even own a whip and some of his ...

Storytime With Lukas, The World's Smartest Horse

01/19/11 Lukas is an 18 year old ex-racer and former rescue. He holds a Guiness World Record and has been recognized by the ...

Storytime With Lukas - a true tale of love.

01/19/11 See what makes Lukas the World's Smartest Horse and Guinness World Record holder. http

Lukas - The Million Hit Horse

12/21/10 Learn about The World's Smartest Horse who grew his popularity through online video.

Lukas' Legislature Award from Assemblyman Hagman.

12/12/10 Assemblyman Curt Hagman presents California State Legislature Certificate of Recognition to Karen Murdock for ...

Lukas' Guinness World Record Introduction.

12/12/10 Lukas' owner Karen Murdock introduces Lukas' Guinness record and gives her reasons for the attempt.

Karen Murdock - Int'l CHA Conference Demo, Lake City, Fl., #1

12/07/10 Karen Murdock demonstrates liberty techniques she uses to train Lukas, the World's Smartest Horse and Guinness ...