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NPR Columns: Sports with Frank Deford Podcast

NPR Columns: Sports With Frank Deford Podcast

NPR Morning Edition's Frank Deford gives weekly commentary on a cross section of the world of sports. Sometimes acerbic, often funny, ...

Feeling Just Wild About Wild Cards

More wild-card teams in baseball The more the merrier, says commentator Frank Deford, as it makes the playoffs that much more exciting.

How Can You Really Measure The Greatest Olympian?

Commentator Frank Deford says it's hard enough comparing teams and stars from different eras in the same sport, let alone across sports.

Four Sports Superstars, Four Years Later

Commentator Frank Deford looks back at four of the greatest athletes of 2008 and where they are now.

From Obscurity To The Olympics Back To Obscurity

It's time for the Olympics Which means, at least for commentator Frank Deford, that it's time to cheer for obscure sports that we only ...

Doping In Baseball: The Needle And The Damage Done

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are being considered for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Is it fair to other players if Clemens and ...

Going To The Game: The Price Is Wrong?

With tickets to games as expensive as they are, commentator Frank Deford wouldn't be surprised if a trip to a ballgame becomes a ...

Joe Paterno's Legacy: Protect Players At All Costs

The key to winning as a big-time coach is keeping your players eligible. Commentator Frank Deford says that when Joe Paterno's old ...

The Man Who Painted Sport, Bright And Beautiful

The recent death of artist LeRoy Neiman calls for remembering a man who was humble with his success, and generous with his help.

Title IX At 40: What Has Changed, And What's Next

It's been 40 years since the adoption of Title IX, the gender equity law that changed college athletics for both women and men. Commenting ...

The Language Of Baseball: In Is Out And Foul Is Fair

Why is it called a foul ball Why not just say it's out Commentator Frank Deford doth wonder if the language in baseball hath Shakespearean ...

Please Sir, I'd Rather Have Another

In the run-up to the Belmont the final race in the Triple Crown commentator Frank Deford explains why he doesn't want I'll Have Another ...

In Europe's High Season For Sports, Soccer Rules

The Olympics calls itself a 'movement,' but to most fans, Euro Cup soccer is a rock concert. In the coming months, Europe will host the ...