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After Lately

After Lately

When 'Chelsea Lately' signs off each night, Chelsea Handler's gaggle of lunatic staffers is just getting started. Follow the real-life ...

Chelsea Liquors up With the Kardashians (Clip) Season 3, Episode 8

Chelsea Handler's going to need more than a shot of liquid courage to get through this awkward dinner on 'After Lately.'

Kardashians Tear Into Chelsea Handler (Clip) Season 3, Episode 8

Chelsea Handler can dish out the insults and snarkiness, but can she take it See what happens on 'After Lately.'

Jiffy Fears He'll Be Assaulted (Clip) Season 3, Episode 7

The 'After Lately' cast gets schooled in assault cases after Jiffy gets scared over an empty parking lot.

Chuy Exercises to Lose Weight (Clip) Season 3, Episode 7

Chelsea, Jiffy and Chris watch Chuy workout through a glass window, which they think is a one-way mirror--when in fact, it isn't.

Chelsea Handler Jealous of Ross Mathews (Clip) Season 3, Episode 6

The 'After Lately' crew sings Ross' praises right in front of Chelsea--and she's not having it See her get pissed.

Chelsea Handler Rewards After Lately Cast (Clip) Season 3, Episode 6

Chelsea brings her entire crew plates of chicken wings to prove she's a better boss than Ross Mathews. However, not everyone is won over.

Is Ross Mathews the New King of Talk? (Clip) Season 3, Episode 6

The After Lately gang discusses the Justin Bieber sex doll. But is the team better off without Chelsea Find out

Heather McDonald Gets Blackmailed (Clip) Season 3, Episode 6

When the 'After Lately' crew finds a secret video of Heather, will they use it to their advantage Check out the saucy tape.

Kardashian Karma (Clip) Season 3, Episode 8

See what happens on After Lately when Chelsea comes face-to-face with the E family she loves to hate--Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Kris

Proper Cannibal Etiquette (Clip) Season 3, Episode 5

As Chelsea's crew sips heathy drinks, they picture whose body would supply the most meat if they were caught in a food shortage situation.

Kate Beckinsale's Tight Bod (Clip) Season 3, Episode 5

While taking a private yoga session with Chelsea, the actress gives candid pointers on how to get Chelsea's body looking just like hers.

Bonus: Parking Police (Clip) Season 3, Episode 4

Brad gets worked up by an able-bodied employee who uses a handicap placard to get preferred parking. Check out his plan of attack