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Inside Digital Media

Inside Digital Media

Discover tomorrow's Internet Business leaders today by watching and listening to our regular podcasts. We interview Digital Media industry ...

Solar City Echoes Computer Leasing

Solar City Ticker SCTY is in the news at least partly because last week Goldman Sachs was forced to price the initial public offering IPO ...

Question Stock Investment Returns

As noted in my last post, I originally read Adam Smiths The Money Game at the peak of a speculative market in 1968. Since then there have ...

Experience as Illusion

Addicted investors experience a boom-to-bust cycle much like a romance that ends badly. Andlike such romances, the first is always the most ...

Woody Allen's Technology Forecast

Woody Allen once made a science fiction movie parody entitled Sleeper. His character is awakened two hundred years after being ...

Google Chrome as Post PC Prototype

Last month Samsung introduced a new model of the Google Chromebook laptop computer priced at only 250. It may be the first computer using ...

Your Next PC Will Be Your Last PC

Beginning with introduction of Macintosh computers in 1984, Apple was consistently among the first to introduce significant industry ...

Dvorak's Denial of Post-PC Era

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something ...

Post-PC Era: Echoes of the Past

As William Faulkner put it, The past is never dead. Its not even past.As a stock analyst dining alone at Rickeys Hyatt House in Palo Alto ...

Proverb of the Lions and Hyenas

Over three years ago Inside Digital Media predicted television advertisers would eventually insist they only be required to pay for ads ...

Room for Debate: White Spaces

Background. Recently the Wall Street Journal reported consumers are increasing complaining that phone and tablet wireless Internet fees are ...

Record Labels are like Chicago Teachers

Chicago teachers and the music industry share a delusional reality denial they both think its a river in Africa.Copyright law is one of ...

A Satisfying Computer to TV Set Up

After years of experimentation, Ive finally got a satisfying computer-to-TV set up. Now, watching Internet videos on my TV is as easy as ...