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GardenFork.TV Cooking & DIY Videos

GardenFork.TV Cooking & DIY Videos

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Your Feet Touch The Ground – GFR 334

Eric tells of his toe surgery, and rick talks about his hammertoe, great stuff to start out a radio show. we then talk about being careful ...

Restaurant Grade Short Ribs – GFR 333

Eric talks about the pressure cooker short ribs he made, but first we tangent to beekeeping for a . And here8217s the link to our computer ...

Turn Off Social Media – Get Things Done – GF Radio 332

How To Turn Off Social Media, Jump starting your car, seed starting, and can you jump start a car with a Toyota Prius Listen to GardenFork ...

Fitness Monitors with Monica – GF Radio 331

Monica joins Eric to talk about wristband fitness monitors like FitBit and Jawbone. Monica has tried several of the monitors, and now has ...

Pressure Cooker Tips – GF Radio 330

Rick uses his pressure cooker and we talk pressure cooker tips on GardenFork Radio. Cooking dried beans, Rick tells us how he made red ...

Caring For Your Parents – what we’ve learned GF Radio 329

Tracy and Eric talk about caring for your parents, getting the financial and health matters in order, and the delicate dance to power of ...

Eating on the wild side – Learn to Forage in the supermarket – GF Radio 328

Rick interviews Jo Robinson, author of Eating On The Wild Side, The Missing Link To Optimum Health. Rick bought this book 8211 he was not ...

How to buy a farm, Tyler buys a small farm – GF Radio 327

Tyler tells his story of how to buy a farm. Tyler recently bought a small farm with a 3 stall barn and house on 2 acres, and he tells us ...

Good Podcasts To Listen To : GF Radio 326

Good podcasts to listen to Rick and Eric review podcasts they like, prompted by a listener who asked for suggestions for podcasts, but ...

Matty's Weed Fabric : GF Radio

Rick and Eric talk about using a heat gun to melt the wax caps off of honeycombs Eric asks if there is an intellectual property lawyer who ...

The Future Always Wins : GF Radio

Eric tells about driving the 2013 Ford F150 Limited in downtown Manhattan, as well as using the truck up at the CT house. A big thank you ...

Rick Falls Out Of A Truck : GF Radio

Rick gets a bee swarm call and ends up on the ground. there are more notes, but i will have to post them later, OK have to go to work now. ...