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NPR Topics: Story of the Day Podcast

NPR Topics: Story Of The Day Podcast

Funny, moving, exceptional, or just offbeat -- the NPR story people will be talking about tomorrow. The best of Morning Edition, All Things ...

Scorching Phoenix Plans For An Even Hotter Future

The Arizona city already logs more days over 100 degrees than any U.S. city, and climate researchers predict Phoenix will grow hotter still ...

From A British King To Rock 'N' Roll: The Slippery History Of Eel Pie Island

Seeking eel pie's origins, the Kitchen Sisters find an island where the Rolling Stones used to play. The traditional British dish can only ...

Small Investors Stay Wary Of Betting On Wall Street

The stock market has been rising lately, but a lot of small investors are sitting the rally out. After years of watching their 401ks lose ...

From 'Very Excited' To Predicting 'Disaster': What Wis. Says About Paul Ryan

After GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, the state was abuzz. Ryan provokes ...

Gaming The Games: The Rules That Got Bent In London

Several times during these Olympics, there've been moments when the Olympic oath seemed all but forgotten you know, the one at the opening ...

Complications, Contradictions In A Fla. Swing County

The biggest single issue for Florida nurse practitioner Sofia Martinez is her support of the DREAM Act. But she plans to vote for ...

Florida Market Draws Candidates Like Bees To Nectar

The Parkesdale Market, located on a key highway in the swing state of Florida, attracts more than just hungry customers. The Meeks family, ...

Would-Be Parents Wait As Foreign Adoptions Plunge

Strict regulations to combat baby-selling and fraud have meant the process of adopting a child can take much longer. Many nations also now ...

Even In Florida Swing County, Minds Seem Made Up

In Hillsborough County, the way people voted in 2008 for or against President Obama signals their perception of everything that's ...

Waiting For A Sign: Mars Rover To Land On Its Own

Here's the plan The Mars Science Laboratory, nicknamed Curiosity, will land gently on Mars at 1031 p.m. PT Sunday. The rover's entry, ...

This Drought's No Dry Run: Lessons Of The Dust Bowl

This summer's dry weather is drawing comparisons to the droughts of the 1950s and even the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s. Technology and ...

Crazy Smart: When A Rocker Designs A Mars Lander

Adam Steltzner's father told him he wouldn't amount to much. He spent his youth barely passing school and 'studying sex, drugs and rock 'n' ...