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Gareth Jones On Speed

Gareth Jones On Speed

THE podcast for petrol-heads, by Gareth Jones of ITV1's Speed Sunday amp How2, and A1GP pit lane reporter and his F1 and car-mad mate Zog. ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #217 for 01 March 2014

217 Alliteration in F1 and press reaction to Susie Wolff. The open-source race team, the stars of the Geneva Auto Salon. Sniff Petrol on F1 ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #216 for 17 February 2014

216 Ted Kravitz joins us to talk about the new sound of F1, Renaults woes and McLarens rear suspension. Plus the price of cheese, 6,000 ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #215 for 03 February 2014

215 Phone technology in cars. How far have we come from Lou Grades car phone What do we want, and what dont we want Digital read-outs vs ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #214 for 23 January 2014

214 Get well soon Michael Schumacher. We speculate on how F1 drivers chose their numbers. Caterhams last season The beginning of the end ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #213 for 10 January 2014

213 The Amarok Challenge. Gareth joins a group of journalists to get some 4x4 tuition and then take part in a competition where the ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #212 for 20 December 2013

212 Seasonal Special. F1 double points, driver numbers and a new team. Car toys of our Christmas past and the future for cars and ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #211 for 05 December 2013

211 The Worst Cars Ever. We nominate the most rubbish cars we can think of, but were they really that bad, or worse than we like to ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #210 for 21 November 2013

210 F1, Maldonado vs Hulkenberg, The Renault Zoe vs The Nissan Leaf, Gareth and Richard both experience running an electric car. Latest ...

Video Podcast 037: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Video37 Video37 Gareth gets to know the new Mercedes-Benz E Class, just how boring could it be

Gareth Jones On Speed #209 for 30 October 2013

209 Sebastian Vettel, 4 times F1 World Champion, are we impressed Electric cars why now might be the right time to get one. The MG3, ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #208 for 16 October 2013

208 What colour should your car be This years On Speed Summer Holiday Vehicle is The Chrysler Grand Voyager cool, well engineered or ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #207 for 04 October 2013

207 Exclusive interview with Wing Commander Andy Green. The history of the World Land Speed Record, the vehicles, technology, the men and ...