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Casting Tutorial: Urethane Resin Casting Tips

Here are some basic tips for casting resin parts in silicone molds. In this tutorial we cast both Easy Flo 60 as well as EZ Flo Clear into ...

Mold Making Tips For Platinum Silicone

In this mold-making tutorial we mold a nut and bolt using 71-11 PlatSil silicone to demonstrate some basic methods and precautions when ...

Foam Carving Craft Tutorial: Evil Robot Valentine Mail Boxes

This tutorial is mainly for those of you with kids. I wanted to send them to school with something more creative than the traditional pink ...

Mold Making & Resin Casting: Making Fake Bolts

In this tutorial we show a quick way to reproduce resin bolt or screw heads for decorating props or scenery. This is a fast molding process ...

Faux Finishing: Rusted Frame

In this tutorial we show the process of creating a rust effect on a plastic picture frame. We used EZ Flo casting resin cast in a 73-20 ...

Special Effects Tutorial: Hair Punching Tips

In this tutorial we explain the basic types of hair punching and hair laying. We started with a Gel-10 head cast from a 74-30 rubber mold. ...

Resin Casting: Rotational Cast by hand with EZ Flo 120

In this video we cast a hollow Frankenstein bust using EZ Flo 120 casting resin. EZ Flo 120 is formulated to thicken as it sets, resulting ...

Special Effects Tutorial: Pouring A Monster Clay Head

In this tutorial we pour hot Monster Clay into a Gel-10 lifecast mold. This method will also work with a Genesis X or Accucast Alginate ...

Lifecasting: alginate mixing tips for Genesis X

Here are some tips for mixing Genesis X alginate. Remember to always add water to alginate and not alginate to water. Check out our other ...

Special Effects Tutorial: PT Flex Severed Leg

In this tutorial we show how to cast a PT Flex 20 Severed Leg with a Prop Foam 4 core. We cast this leg out of the Gel-10 Body mold we made ...

Lifecasting: Gel-10 Headcast

Here are some tips for head casts with Platsil Gel-10. We created a bald cap over a 'Red Head' and used that to cover our model's hair. The ...

Lifecasting Tutorial: Gel-10 Body Mold Part 2

This is the follow up video to our Gel-10 Body Mold video. In this tutorial we show how to cast a TexClay positive into a Gel-10 mold. For ...