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Geek Entertainment TV

Geek Entertainment TV

Poking from deep inside the bubble as it reinflates. GETV interviews geeks about their passion.

A Night of 8-bit Chiptunes

For those of you out there who have the theme song from Double Dragon, Excite Bike, Mario Bros, Mega Man, or Final fantasy burned into your ...

In Bed with Kool Keith – Part 2

His albums have deep methologies that are often intertwined with each other. For example, Dr. Octagonecologyst introduces the character of ...

In Bed with Kool Keith – Part 1

If you8217ve ever thought 8220KISS is my favorite rock band8221 and/or 8220Man I wish I was someone else today,8221 then you have something ...

Air Sex Championships

We imagine that many of you, our esteemed viewers, have stood in front of a mirror and played air guitar until your fingers bled. San ...

Naval Battleships of Epic Proportions!

An epic naval battle of amazing proportions 8220Amazing8221 being miniature and 8220epic8221 being, well, let8217s just say we had to wear ...

What is Steampunk?

Travel with us back in time, back to Victorian days when men wore corsets, ladies wrote letters and the computers were steam-powered. What ...

Tactical Corsets for Her Stylish Protection

The GETV crew ran into Utilikilt clad Alex Peake at Maker Faire because of a rumor that he was making Tactical Corsets With beautiful model ...

“Goodbye London” an Animated Music Video

Luke Jackson is a Canadian musician who recently collaborated with animator Murray John to create this music video, using stop motion ...

PEZ Candy Goliath vs PEZ Fanboy David

You8217ve heard this one before. Big faceless corporate giant who makes adorable product goes after small-time fanboy who loves adorable ...

Kevin Moore is a Geek Pornographer (SFW)

Irina met Kevin Moore on Flickr a while back, swooning over a photo of his black kitty kat. Little did she know this geek was a specialist ...

The Making of Browncoats: Redemption, a Firefly Fan Film

Joss Whedon8217s Firefly and Serenity left a giant indelible mark in the wild west of modern science fiction, leaving rabid fans wanting ...

Chris Anderson Speaks for Free

When our pal Kevin Smokler slid us the opportunity to interview one of the legendary thinkers and writers of the geekosphere, we pounced on ...