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Random Good Stuff

Random Good Stuff

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MeCam, the hands-free wearable video camera

One of the most telling things that Drew Martin learned while living in New York and traveling the world is that lifes best moments dont ...

Submarine Camcorder

Wish the tabled would be water tight as wellThis is the remote operated submarine that sends live video to an iPad from 1008242 ...

Trapped Dog Gif And Other Musings

Trapped like a Wackeldackel. What would you do in its situation. Let it all loose and fall in the bucket of very wet water Scream for help ...

Eco Electricity – Pocket Socket

Perfect for travelingThere is nothing worse than being stuck five miles from the Safe Zone with a dead phone, air mattress pump, radio or ...

Probably The Best Zoo in Europe

Zoos are depressing and sad and did I mention that they are sad and depressing as well. Well not in the Bioparc in Valencia, Spain The ...

Next Stop Istanbul

Photo Credit Matthias RhombergYes, Im posting more on Random Good Stuff but not nearly enough. Too many things going on. The new site ...

Wine Sippy Cup

Who says adults dont sippy cups. No more red wine messesDouble Wall Insulated Tumbler with a unique Wine Glass inner liner design. Tumbler ...

Fine Art Travel Photos

As you know we started to travel the world over 2 1/2 years ago. 91 Days in one spot at a time. And that I take photos, a lot of them. We ...

Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas 3D Light Show 2012

This stuff was crazy First of all the whole Rockefeller Center Plaza was just plain out of control You can see some of the pictures here ...

Emergency Camping Energy Generator For USB

Ohh. This is perfect when we are next time stuck in the jungleWhether you live in an isolated area, love camping or feel a strong urge to ...

LSD Horsey In New York City

Not done yet with all the New York posts to be honest there is one more coming up but I had to share with you this installation I found at ...

Egg Yolk Plucker

Pluck them all And yes, there is also a free version which doesnt look very designy but also get the job done here Yolk PluckerAnd then ...