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or The Show The Show The Show is a weekly mishmash of reviews and editorials focusing on comic books, video games, anime / manga, and sci-fi / ...
Viewers The Show - Episode 658

Black White Week concludes in a big way First, Will sits down to talk about the early days of animation, then Dan joins him for a look at ... The Show - Episode 657

Black White Week rolls on with Ian and Christian exploring Casablanca, then Hannah and Chris speak about Federico Fellini's 8 1/2. The Show - Episode 656

Black White Week would not be complete without a discusson of an Alfred Hitchcock picture. To that end, James and Chris take a look at one ... The Show - Episode 655

Greetings, friends As Black White Week continues Let us look at Ed Wood, and witness the career of a director considered to be the worst ... The Show - Episode 654

Today, as Black White Week continues, you'll receive two movie reviews First, DW and Hannah team-up to cover Sabrina, starring Humphrey ... The Show - Episode 653

DW and Chris Johnson discuss Fritz Lang's 1931 classic M as's Black White Week continues on The Show The Show - Episode 652

Dan and Mike debut a new, yet familiar segment Earth-2-in-1 In this, the first installment, the guys look at Marvel Feature 11 and The ... The Show - Episode 651

On this very day, 20 years ago one of the most successful children's action franchises of all time debuted the often-imitated but never ... The Show - Episode 650

Five years ago this month, Ian Wilson, James Deaux, and Michael David Sims began a journey named The Dark Knight Discussions. Their mission ... The Show - Episode 649

On-air production meetings. Timothy Dalton in drag. The new cartoon sensation Lothar Chums. Gremlins 2 references. Racially insensitive ... The Show - Episode 648

The August Previews episode is here The Show - Episode 647

After two years, PotterWatch closes out with Aaron and Christian discussing both parts of the epic Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ...