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New Social Blade Website Live Tonight!! Exclusive Preview

Tonight at about midnight eastern time we will be closing down the old website as we start putting the new site in place. It shouldn't...

Sunrise on the Beach

A couple of months ago Taylor told me that she really wanted to see the sunrise from the beach. In fact she even said she was going to ...

The Corniest Vlog Ever

This weekend Taylor and I went to a corn maze and it was a lot of fun. I haven't really done many of these long form vlogs before but the ...

How To Make Your Girlfriend Mad At You ;-)

Taylor and I went to a Corn Maze and got a lot of great video which I'll have up in a vlog in a few days but I thought this was a good ...

Oh crap, they're back! (Cadbury Scream Eggs)

Thanks to Pugnacious10 TheLionsDenNews and GoneToTheSnowDogs I'm going to be sick again lol. CADBURY SCREAM EGGS ARE HERE They're basically ...

Get This Thing Offa Me!!

Just a little fun with the pup Ender found a toilet paper roll and had brought it over to his area downstairs. I decided to take it and ...

Chugging Maple Syrup!

Congrats to my friend Sean his new wife Laura But most importantly thanks for inviting us and several of the old gang to the wedding and ...

Living Life in Pool Mode

This video was originally titled 'Pools Are Fun But Suck Too' and the vlog that appears at the end was originally at the beginning but I ...

Google taking the YOU out of YouTube - Video Responses Removed! :(

Google is taking the YOU out of YouTube. Video Responses are kaput As of September 12th YouTube is removing the video response feature. All ...

My YouTube Summer Vacation Is Over!

My YouTube Summer Vacation Is Over I know some of you might be upset at the in the title here but as it relates to my YouTube channel this ...

Nest Thermostat Unboxing and Installation

A couple days ago I got a Nest Thermostat to try out and I liked it so much I got a one for downstairs too. Basically Nest is an Internet ...

Vidcon Battle Royale - Urgo Vs Taylor

At vidcon they had a jousting thing set up and Taylor challenged me to a game of 'American Gladiators'. How could I resist We had a ton of ...